John Joseph – Smart Goals Tutor

Born in the USA – I migrated to Australia in 1975 after completing university studies at Arizona State University. I am now a dual citizen.  I have spent 36 years working full-time in Queensland State Schools – in Mt Isa, Mornington Island, Caloundra State School and Mooloolah State School. I usually taught Years 4-7, with Secondary Teaching at Mornington Island.

Currently I am a relief teacher on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  I am a firm believer that all students have the ability to learn with specific goals, motivation and focus. I hope to instil these work habits and address individual student needs whether that be online or face to face. I want to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence when approaching new tasks and new challenges in their learning.  All students have learning needs and extra tutoring might be the boost they need to improve their understanding.

What is Good, Effective Tutoring?

Proper tutoring helps the student become an independent, lifelong learner, who acquires critical learning skills- and helps the student learn how to help himself/herself.

As a tutor –

  • I believe that I need to work from the student’s level of understanding and their needs
  • I will not work as a ‘homework machine’ but rather act as a questioner to promote student thinking and engender problem solving skills.

I believe tutoring needs to be ‘procedure oriented’ not ‘answer oriented’ – as this will equip students to approach assignments with confidence as they address their given criteria.



“John is a teacher who engages students with his charismatic personality. Students want to keep learning with John and are motivated to do so, because John puts a huge amount of effort into building effective and productive relationships with students and their families. John enjoys teaching and learning, he is fun; his positive approach and wealth of experience are a valuable asset”

Catherine Crawford, Caloundra State School Deputy

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